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an interesting excerpt from the previous article which ties in with some of Maimonide writings

The Templars had acquired a great deal of wealth, a fleet of ships and a strong army of warriors who fought by a creed of never retreating unless the odds were more than three to one. Some began to feel threatened by the wealth and power the Order had attained. In a joint effort orchestrated by King Philip (who had been rejected membership into the sect) and Pope Clement V, the Templars were accused of heresy. Among the many criminal accusations against the Templars were mocking the cross, sodomy[5] and worshiping a mysterious idol in the form of a head. The Templars were also accused of tying a sacred cord around their waist, which was said to have been consecrated by pressing it against the mysterious head.
change worshiping head with "radio reception"

Jimmy Guieu - OVNI. ET. La Verite Cachee - Terre Ta Civili…[/QUOTE]

Let us See what Maimonides had to say about these Talking Figures, in the twelfth century, in his Ethical Writings:
"The worshipers of the teraphim claimed that when the clarity of the stars
spread out on the statue,They saw as been in relations with the Celestial Intelligences that were using the object as an instrument. Thus the teraphim taught the Hebrew people a lot of useful art and science
the author's comment:
Note that the gold teraphim were consecrated [actually "Tuned" so as "terrestrial" subspace, ie to instantaneous propagation 36] especially in a star or a planet determined.
now you understand why some of maimonide's books disappeared and why Gold is found close to Spiritual Gold close to mountains and Large Water Bodies Principle of Correspondence

more on Maimonide
here: The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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