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Circle today's date on your calendars boys and girls. You're gonna want to remember where you were when you read this post because what I have to share with you today is going to make all the difference.

As usual, I need to warn you that if you attempt to replicate this, you do so at your own risk. Batteries can explode, so be dang careful. I am posting this as information about what I and others are doing, and in no way am I advocating that YOU should do it.

Anyway, there are some folks who are not posting here who have made some amazing contributions to what is going on behind the scenes at this thread. David P. came up with the idea of using wire wound resisters across battery three to keep that battery from charging. Matt J. took that and ran with it and posted the circuit I am sharing today.

Matt has had his setup running for FIVE days without losses on the fact....small GAINS. He is using an MJL transistor and the aforementioned wire wound resisters. He is also using a 24 volt razor scooter motor. Results for motors - Razorama

The transistor switches to create high amp pulses through the motor. The motor itself drives the switch with the oscillations of power coming OUT (told ya!!).

Matt is going to make a couple more modifications and then film it for us. He thinks we can set this up to charge the run batteries one at a time while running the inverter on the opposite run battery and then switching. Who knows what the possibilities are at that point. The important thing is, it runs. It runs for long periods of time. The primary batteries maintain or increase their charge. We might end up having to use some higher voltage transistors than the MJL's that Matt is using or possibly Mosfetts if we want to put big loads on the motor or battery three, so we are a long way from FINISHED with experimenting. But when was the last time you saw a system that works that you could all replicate as easily as you can this one. Tell your friends and neighbors. I wasn't kidding about circling today on your calendar!!
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