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the primary coil is key to the ground receptive part of the set. the primary and secondary resonate and based on the capacitance and geometry the radiation resistance will be eliminated in the extra coil giving rise to FTL reception. On my set the primary is not large enough as I based it purely on surface area however after reading the reports of others and noting their relations and the effects between my set, I tentatively state that the surface area of winding capacitance is what needs to me matched, not the bulk surface area. I'm working on the equations to see what this turns up. I'm also looking at the skin effect and mass as well, no point in leaving any stone unturned.

Nice build btw, looks good. the extra coils is such a PITA to wind too. I wouldn't worry about 'skip' distance from being too close to the transmitter in fact I'd say that's a prime example of ground current reception, proof that this works.
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