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Originally Posted by Sputins View Post
Sound quality of the video is ok, however there is a distinct echo with the recording, if anyone has any fancy audio editing software, could the audio be cleaned up at all? Neutralize the echo?

“If we move our plane of reference through this cone we have circles, we have ellipses and we have parabolas, which are all based on the same form. They just represent a different angular displacement”. The angle of the plane. Steinmentz called it ????? (I can’t discern the word).
I spoke to George Gaboury yesterday, the head of the San Francisco Tesla Society, and he said that there is about 16 hours of footage of Eric that needs to be edited before it is released. I'm told by another friend of Eric's that there is a better quality version of this Dec. 9, 2007 presentation that is among those recordings. Hopefully by Eric giving George a call, he will expedite making those video's available since George said that the reason he hasn't gotten to those is because he and Eric fell out of communication and he has much going on at the S.F.T.S.

Steinmetz called it the "angle of hysteresis"