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I will assume for now that the brain has no superconductive receptor.... no squid in the brain. So what does the brain do mainly? Mainly the brain as we currently understand it processes muscle sense. the classic 5 senses represent a relatively small part of the brains processing power.

So what is muscle sense? Muscle sense is really whole body sense as individual muscles don't really exist for the brain. Anatomists have cataloged the muscles and their respective innervations but the bulk of the brains activity deals with sensory feedback that pours is from the whole surface of the body. As far as the brain is concerned individual muscles do not exist. What really exists first and foremost for the brain is speed of sound nerve transmission from the fascial network as a whole. The fascia is the single connective tissue network that covers and invests the muscles and it has many more nerves supplying sensory feedback to the brain than the muscles. Furthermore, this network appears to provide sensory feedback much faster than the motor nerves. There is evidence to suggest that this fascial unitard operates at the speed of sound. Because of this fact no form of direct touch to the body can provide sensory information that the brain will be receptive to unless it is traveling at the speed of sound.

Here is where the smoke ring/ soliton force comes to play.
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