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To make your bad battery work better, connect it directly to your motor and let the motor run until the battery is drained as much as possible. Then connect it into the system with a 12 volt load connected directly to it, like an auto dome light bulb or other small bulb. This will keep battery three from accepting a charge so quickly. You will need some small lights like this if you are going to balance the load on the motor anyway. I would say put the motor back in the truck and flip the truck upside down so the motor is spinning the tires and that will be your load. Sounds like you already have everything to put a load on the motor. Then go through the instructions in post #1 for balancing the load and let us know the results. I would agree that you might want to try with just two batteries instead of three to save your motor and see if that works.

Are you doing anything different than just using a rear small motor? All three batteries lead acid? Or are you using two? #6 or larger wire connecting your batteries? Can't wait to see the video. Why was using the aluminum dangerous...because int wasn't insulated?

I have a roll of fence wire for electrified dog fence, it is a single strand of aluminum or some doesn't say...that goes around the top of a fence so dogs won't jump over it. It is uninsulated. I plan on taking a bunch of strands of that and then wrapping them with electrical tape except on the ends to make my battery connections with and see what happens.

Thanks for that radiator info. That was very, very interesting!

@All of you,
Thanks for your contributions and jumping in to help each other. We'll figure this thing out one way or another.

I have been thinking about the success some of you have seen with batteries one and two being charged with the small motors, even though it is very hard on them as we have seen. I am wondering if it is because the smaller motors are turning at higher RPM.s because of their smaller shaft size, and therefore able to emit more CEMF because of more rotations for the same amount of current/voltage, which is what I believe is charging batteries one and two. So if you can get one of those to run off the two battery setup, that may be the solution.

By comparison, my 110 volt motor should be run off of higher voltage (than 12 volts) to achieve the same kind of thing, but not the max of 110 volts. SInce I have about 20 charged lead acid batteries sitting around here, I will give that a try this next week. I have finished my energizer and will post some pictures later in the week when I get it a little further along in the assembly stage. I had two long support bars I had welded in the wrong place, and had to grind the welds down and remove them and get them welded back in the RIGHT place this morning, but now I have nothing immediate that has to be done on it, and have moved it off my motor bench and have two setups up and running. So starting tomorrow, I will be doing all of the things I have just been TALKING about doing with my setup.

I also have two very small 12 volt brushed DC motors I can't wait to hook up to the two battery system and see what happens. For that matter, I have a 12 volt electric fan I have been using as a load at different times, and a 12 volt car vacuum, so I have all kinds of things. I bought a cigarette lighter socket, and have several devices that I could plug into it, like two different compressors for pumping up car tires, and a little refrigerator that runs off 12 volts. This should be a really fun week and I hope to have lots to report by next weekend. I'm also dragging my scope out from under the counter so I can post some scope shots. Data, data, data.

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