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@Bitbox, I would agree with neight about experimenting with what you have
already. The small motors I have are 12v fan motors I got from
Wal Mart and other auto stores. The last time I looked at the
automotive section at Wal Mart here, the only thing they had
with a 12v motor was a 12v auto vacuum. But it would
probably work. To be safe, and not burn out the motor, you
could try the 2 battery setup at first.

@Sanskara316, Using the 2 battery setup might also work better with your
type of motor. You are right, you do seem to get more
charging to the batteries with these smaller motors.

@Clueless, Thanks for suggesting trying two batteries. I did not think it
would work, but it looks like it does. Also thanks for the radiator
info. Maybe trying antifreeze in an old battery might work
for a bad battery.

@Duncan, Thanks for the pointers. I should know better for posting by now.

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