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Hi Ufo,

Unfortunately I have not been able to get the circuit to work properly, I haven't been able to get the frequency to work correctly, I don't know why so I have put it aside for now and built this one RMCybernetics - DIY Homemade Power Pulse Controller
I hope this circuit will be good enough. Could you let me know what you think. I have got this going first time, with this you can adjust the frequency and the duty cycle.

I tested it with a bulb and dc brushed motor and it seems to work well. I connected it to my coil and the 555 and comparater blow after a few pulses, I have simply replaced them for it to work again but this will need some sort of circuit protection. If there is something I could do to protect the circuit could you please show me, although it may be ok when I try it with the coil you have specified to build but I don't know yet.

Don't be to bothered about me using the wrong coil I was just using something I had lying around to try the circuit out. Now I have something working ( or at least quite close ) I can start work on the coil.
I will try to make the coil around 50mm inside diameter. I would like to know how close the steel core needs to be to the coil. I intend at this time to wind the coil on a plastic tube then put a core inside. The core will likely be some sort of mild steel if that is ok. How much gap can I get away with for it to work, or does the coil need to be wound straight on to the metal core.
I will be using 19AWG is that OK ? it is .1mm smaller diameter than 18AWG.
Does it mater if it is wound clockwise or counter clockwise?
I will wind continual 3 layers 120 turns each layer.

Please don't get to upset with me but I just couldn't get that circuit to work after building it twice I just don't know why. I don't mean to waste any of your time, and always appreciate your help and advice. And if you think this new circuit will not be any good please let me know.

Thanks Netica

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