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Blessings to you soundiceuk and best wishes for your new family! You're going to need that free energy now

I had not yet gotten your email but after our PM's as you probably recall I had guessed it may have been Bruce Perreault you were talking about.

Yes I can say a lot about Bruce. He's a quiet genius. He has had his share of head butting with other researchers and inventors and has made a few enemies along the way so some have tried to discredit him. Years ago one guy even put up a web site just to discredit him but after some legal battles Bruce got control of that web site. That guy was an idiot with an ego problem or one of the PTB trying to quiet him. I personally think Bruce has the answers but they are not always so readily given out. He's been at this most of his life and is definitely one of the best experts on T.H. Moray.

I have been on Bruce's yahoo groups for probably around 15 years or more. In the late 90's when Bruce was planning on flying out to the West coast for an energy conference where he would speak I offered to pick Bruce up from the Bay area and taxi him to the conference in Sacramento and back. Since it was a several day event I also gave him a place to stay a couple days at my house as the conference organizer backed out on a promise to pay his motel expenses. So I got to know Bruce fairly well and I could see his determination in getting real energy available to the world. I plan on buying his book as I support what he is doing and he is full time on this and has been much of his life. I will say that he has released info before that I felt was going to be 'it' and all I would need to have free energy. But in the past it took an understanding I believe that did not make it easy to accomplish. I have his previous books which I consider all excellent valuable info and two of his different 'ion valves' although I know they are somewhat different than his current one. Like many who have spent a lifetime working out a process it is not easy to just freely give up your life's work by spelling out a step by step procedure to do what has taken a lifetime to figure out. So will his book be a step by step 'how to'? I don't know but I suspect it will be enough info to build something useful if you dig into it enough to understand it. And I think his current setup will not be difficult to build if you understand how. In the past he has not used complex circuitry but has used one or two custom made components that may be critical to the operation. Even those are probably not too hard to build. I think he will be offering those for sale. All my speculation but I've got a fairly good track record at hitting the mark in speculation

I just checked into his group again after getting the hint from soundiceuk that Bruce might be the person we are talking about and see that he has stated he is hoping to have units to sell by September that will provide real usable power. I think for years he has had usable power but the difficulty he has had is making usable power WITHOUT using and radioactive substances (as Moray did - the Swedish stone was radioactive) but from what I've picked up I think he now has the solution to doing this without any radiation source. I've been waiting for years and have always fully believed Bruce would get to the point of having a real solid state usable energy device. I hope this is it.
... well more later - just got told garage sales are close by so time to go scrounge some electronics hopefully
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