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Thanks FRC

I glad two bat works similar to the 3 bat system. It seems from your description that results come quicker, too. This also might come in handy as a quick check for a bad battery for use in the 3BGS.
It also seems to me that using 2 bat lets you see immediately how much matching motor to bat might play a role. I may get these terms mixed but bat capacitance with motor inductance. I maybe mixing up terms but what I'm trying to see is if there is a relationship between the ability of the good battery(s) to deliver power and power requirements of the motor.
Anyway while researching what I was trying to say above I may have run across a method to make bad batteries. It seems if you charge a drained bat with a high charge rate for a short time ( I think longer serves only to physcially damage the bat) it, for lack of a better term, hardens the plates where they only take a surface charge. I can't say for sure as I might have come to a wrong conclusion.
If someone has the means to try this out it might work to produce bad batteries.
Anyway for those that are interested here is wiki page I got the info from.

Lead–acid battery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I am going to try this out with a car fan blower motor, the cage can act as a pulley...maybe!
This whole 3BGS is fascinating and something I can wrap my mind around as abstract thinking is not a strong suit of mine.
Thanks again.

Originally Posted by FRC View Post
After resting for almost two hours good battery 1 is down .01 from the last
two short runs. Bad battery 2 has dropped over 3 volts, but has almost 2 volts
above where it was before the first test. This bad battery does usually drop
on its own, since it will not hold a charge and that is why it works as a bad
battery. Using the smaller motor, there would be less draw to make it run
combined with more charging back to good battery 1. Longer test should be
done to see for sure. I still think that 3 or more batteries are better as well
as larger motors being better if you want to generate additional charging to
other batteries. If all you want to do is get free light then the 2BGS way may
be enough and you might also get battery charging back to good battery 1
also with gains and no losses. As I said, longer runs have to be carried out to
confirm this.

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