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I'm in some kind'a zone .. please consider this..

Hi George.. Thanks for your response re Hatem That there is still a free energy source that hasn't been exploited by tptb I find amazing! those who fully understand it are either not in a position to release the information or have hopes of profiting from it. I think most of us are instinctively aware that the answers lie in the arenas of magnetism, gravity the pendulum, the standing wave , the scalar wave, and resonance In whatever combination, I would tend to keep in mind that David’s system had its birth in the Tesla switch in fact here's the very thing THE TESLA SWITCH
we already know from John Bedini that the Tesla switch is extremely difficult to set up and balance which means of course that your three battery motor arrangement is likely to prove a bit tetchy to tune (or get in the zone as you call it) Reading the above link you will see that John B and Tom B contrived to build a “Scalar wave detector” in order to “tune” the system. No electrician trained in universities or colleges in the last 100 years or so is trained with regard to the “linear wave”
but just so you get a feel for it officially a Faraday cage is supposed to be impenetrable to all known electricity but …. It isnt 20110324185908 (3).mpg - YouTube Its difficult to comprehend that there is a totally different type of electrical power with an unknown shape and form of which we are totally unaware and dont even have the instruments to measure .. But It is so .. It charges batteries and capasitors John B tells us so and shows us.... Tesla knew too! So lets play probability .. Tesla made extensive use of scalar wave in his coils, with his wireless power transmission system (and Indeed with nearly everything he touched) John Bedini admits that the tesla switch is extreamly difficult to tune (Scalar electricity is extreamly sensative to cable size and mass and length) hint .. study a little on how tesla coil is tuned primary to seconary, the above article quite clearly tells you a Scalar wave detector is being used by JB to match (get this machine into the zone) if big John found it difficult even after he has built a special detector what chance do we mere mortals have of hitting the sweet spot by accident? here is a circuit which I joined back up with the written description and posted on the DS thread that cold well serve you.
Donald Smith Devices too good to be true not a particularly difficult build even if you are not an electronics wizz .. alternatly search .. scalar wave detectors. As for the artificial battery .. I really know next to nothing as to how it might react .. just another possible bit for the overall jigsaw
The Dam walls creaking keep up the pressure guys addendum Meyl shows Tesla longitudinal waves for wireless energy transmission - YouTube
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