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Bucky Fuller built his world of synergetics around the theme of tensegrity.
Tensegrity which I cannot adequately define, is about how things are held together by tension. A physicist might say ( i am not sure ) that electrical tension or coulomb forces is the main glue that hold everything together.
In living things tension is generated to the whole organism via the nervous system. The nervous system does this intelligently and because the nervous system is who we are, we cannot really know the nervous system except as
me. The nervous system is oft compared to a computer. But a computer is just a toy next to the nervous system. Neurons make up only 10 percent of the brain and spinal cord. The rest is a kind metaphorical dark matter known as glial cells. The glial cells tie everything together. Further down from the brain are the muscles and bones but what ties that all together is another great unknown, the fascia. The fascia appears to coordinate the movements of the whole body. The fascia holds the whole thing together.
Because the spine "leverages" the fascia, any adaptation event to the spine leverages the whole fascia, the whole body, the whole nervous system... the whole inner universe.

The pineal gland embryologically migrates from the throat to the center of the brain. There is a direct link from the superior cervical ganglia to pineal gland. Descartes ( love him or hate him) referred to the pineal gland as the seat of the soul. By restoring balance to the cervical spine, the cervical fascia, the superior sympathetic cervical ganglia, we restore the health of the pineal gland... and perhaps at least in Descartes Universe, the Soul.
Even if this is not the ultimate solution to human problems it is at least a good place to start.

Ayahuasca, the vine of the soul, appears to have a profound effect on the pineal gland. Having the pineal gland jolted awake by something like Ayahuasca may be more than many people can handle. I believe its better to gradually awaken the pineal gland through song and dance and yoga and diet and spinal adjustments before going deeper in with sacred plants.

So lets keep singing and dancing and stretching our life out to the edge of the universe.
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