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Don't believe that disinfo b@ll@cks!!!!

Most of the info I have brought you guys came via Bruce.

The circuit diagrams were given by Don Smith to Bruce via email just before he went in to have major surgery on his arteries. Bruce knows far more than Don, believe me on that one!!!

They were very good friends but had a conflict of interest although they respected each other greatly.

Bruce was giving a lecture at the 1996 Symposium.

Hey e-wizard, you have an interesting story about Bruce don't you?

He has been researching for longer than 20+ years (I don't know the exact figure on that).

Nearly all the texts came from Bruce's group of nearly 1500+ radiant energy truthers.

Bruce is an electronics genius and also the Number 1 knowledge on Thomas Henry Moray's work. He knows more about his work than anyone in the world.

Zilano is a number of members from the group. Tell me I'm wrong ZZZZ, you legend!

Great to hear from you John. I hope you have got rid of your illness.

Here is another first thoughts review. It's from Blue Serge.

HI Paul,

Thank so much for the info you provided. I got your second email as well and lots of info to process. I will update you once I have gone through all of the info you sent. I scanned through the info and so far seems like the real deal. I have some experience in the method Bruce has suggested to create the Ion Valves so making these should be easy enough. I'm excited about getting started with this project but at the moment I'm a expected dad and family needs to come first. However I will not rest until I finish a self generating system as soon as possible, both for the good of friends and family and the rest of the human race. I will update you with all my data once I compile them together.

Talk to you soon.

Blue Serge.

P.S. Keep doing what you are doing. It is a great inspiration to the rest of us that don't have the time or resources to collect all this data you have been doing. Excellent Job!!!!!!!!!!

Much love everyone, spread the love!!!!


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