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Most of these experiments did not produce much a result -- I showed these non-results to show you the tools I have been working with. These non-results are not what I wish to call to your attention with this thread.

The result, The cadeseus coil did not heat up when I played a song through it as a speaker. The sound was very faint that was emitted from it. I want to stress that there is no heat from the coils if a sound is played from it, without any opposite polarity magnetic field interefering with the signal from the coil.

When I put a stack of neo-magnets inside the cadeseus coil, it worked just like a rodin coil speaker.

Sound was louder with a full stack in the dead center -- and loudest when I seperated a N/S pole with a graphite pencil. When the area which was seperated but still attracting each other was placed in the cancelling zone -- the sound quality was better, and louder than before.

Pulling the magnets in and out of the coil produced a varying sound signal. This effect was novel, until I noticed that the coil heated up when the magnets were inside the single cadeseus, whereas it did not heat up before. I would not have noticed this, if the water on the inside of the coil did not turn to steam. (see small condensing droplets in this below picture, and steam on the "rodin coil speaker" picture, second pic above)

This water that turned into steam was remaining from being dipped in water, a very diluted muriatic acid (HCL) (approx 2%). Noting the steam, I dunked the coil back into a 1 liter mass of water, and left it in for approx 2-3 minutes. Dipping the small coil into a large water mass did not heat up the water as rapidly as I had hoped -- but it did make it lukewarm to the touch.

While noting that the cancelling region is wrapped around a ferrite core (or neo magnet core), even loosely coupled -- it created heat -- this reminds me (Reversed) of what a microwave magnetron looks like (coil inside the magnetic field for magnetron, and coil outside magnetic feild in this experiment) -- and similarly how it might heat up water.

I suspect that with more winds on the coil or the denser the magnetic field, the stronger the heating effect. My next tests will be working towards verifying this suspicion, and towards increasing the surface area of the coil that is cancelling, by winding variations of the mobius cadeseus coils.
I am not claiming to say microwaves are the resulting reason that the water heats up -- I do not have the equipment to test for that radiation, and thus cannot say. But, if anyone were to follow along, and also try winding a few novel coils to see if they can heat up water with different acidulated water types -- muriatic acid (cleaning agent, sold in 33% concentrations in hardware stores), or sulfuric acid (replacement battery acid from auto shops) -- then we might get somewhere with understanding, not only Felix Erenhaft's Magnetolysis, but perhaps uncovering the missing link between MonisuerM's water heater, and the sonic boiler.

I Hope that it is not too late,

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