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By the way, Al

Saw something awhile back, (although, AS USUAL, I'm afraid I can't provide a reference). It stated that estimates are that there are 500 million sociopaths, worldwide. Sounds like a big #, although as a % of the world population of 7 billion, its not THAT many. Unfortunatly, they can have an effect on the population disproportionate to there actual #'s.

Think how ONE thief, can adversely effect 100's of peoples lives, during the coarse of their life as a 'career criminal'. Think how someone like a Bernie Madoff, or jeff Skilling, can (similarly) adveresely effect 100's or even millions.

Think how an unscrupulous Liar (Lawyer), and a Sociopathic Politician, etc.

And, because it (being a sociopath) DOES impart several advantages (from a 'survival' and 'propogation' or survival of the genes point of view) there #'s, as a % of the population, are steadily GROWING!

As to RP, not sure what you are saying, with your previous post. I really find it hard to believe that RP is REALLY one of 'them', and is secretly going to get the nomination.i.e a 'phoney' . Jim
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