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Bizzy, Once again, I am in complete accord, but (Like you?) I have been hesitant to bring God into this discussion too much as i have no desire to 'take on' the atheists, etc. that may b lurking out there, spoiling for a fight.

Aaron; perhaps i didn't express myself very well; there is plenty of scientific evidence (PET brain scans, etc. ) to indicate sociopaths are biologically different; their brains are wired different, and that this is a genetic mutation, just like many others. The thing is, in a pre-civilisation society, (hunter/gatherers) where Co-operation was pre-eminent, and competition virtually unknown, such a mutation would have not 'taken hold', and advantaged the individual, and resulted in offspring.
In a "Civilised" society, where there is both some co-operation, as well as a large dose of competition, sociopaths have an advantage, and so are steadily increasing, as a percntage of our society. And, even at current #'s, they have a disproportionate impact ON society.
The 'irony' is that while ther genetic mutation IS 'advantageous' to their individual survival, and therfore opportunities to propogate, the long term effect of their behavior is NOT beneficial to the survival of the species, quite the contrary.
As Bizzy has said, I think this 10,000 y.o. 'experiment' (of Civilisation) is doomed to failure, and collapse, and certainly moral decay is a contributing factor. So too, I believe is this factor that civilisation 'favors' sociopaths, from an evolution standpoint. This contributes to the morl declin, AND contributes to the collapse of civilisation in other ways, as well. Jim
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