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sociopaths are the metaphorical reptilians

Originally Posted by dutchdivco View Post
evolution has 'favored' the sociopaths; there is an evolutionary advantage to not having a conscionce, in 'civilisation', and their #'s and influence are past the tipping point; The inmates ARE 'in charge' of the asylum!
I would make a distinction here -

These sociopaths are not evolved so this isn't about evolution. They grow their control through predatory behavior because they are operating from pure survival mode in the reptilian part of their brain that we all have. These people are not evolved but are genetically, mentally and spiritually degenerated or de-evolved. These are the metaphorical reptilians that rule by fear and it seems to be bred into their children, children's children, etc... through many generations.

When there is fear, the reptilian part of the brain kicks in and the rest of the brain shut down. These sociopaths are simply operating from perpetual fear.
Aaron Murakami

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