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Originally Posted by dutchdivco View Post
ANYONE can have a good idea, even the French! LOL

Saw an interesting interview, last nite, on PBS Newshour. It was of a Conservative author, didn't get the name, but I'm sure its on their website.

He's written a book, where he postulates that their are 2 classes of people in the U.S, and that the upper class still has certain values, but that the middle class has lost those values. For instance, in 1960 80+% of middle class were married,as were 'upper' class, today still 80% of upper class, but down to 40 something percent of middle class. Anyway, I reject some of his premise, as he seemed to say that middle class needed to re-instill values which upper class has retained.
But, he said upper class ( American Ruling Class?) are 'out of touch' with 'reality'; they go right from college, to a job where they manipulate #'s, or people, (think Wall street, Lawyers, or even "Devil wears Prada"), married someone like themselves, live in a Mcmansion inside a gated Community, and engage in excessive consumerism.

He included a set of 'test' questions, to detirmine which class someone is in. They only mentioned ONE question in the interview, but its very telling; "Have you EVER worked at a job, that made a body part hurt at the end of the day?" Great question. I Think the people he was describing are Romoney voters, and it describes Romoney and his wife, as well.

Where he's off, in my opinion, is in his assertion that these people have retained certain values; No, they are sociopaths, who have worked the system without conscionce, for their OWN benefit. Think Bernie Madoff, Jeff Skilling, the people working at Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, etc. and clearly, Romoney himself; evolution has 'favored' the sociopaths; there is an evolutionary advantage to not having a conscionce, in 'civilisation', and their #'s and influence are past the tipping point; The inmates ARE 'in charge' of the asylum!
The people he describes in the 'working class' who he says have 'lost' these values, and are producing kids out of wedlock, etc.; lower I.Q. sociopaths. For instance he uses statistics from the 1960's, showing 90% of men 30-40 were either working or looking for work; today its something like 40%, (i FORGET THE # HE QUOTED, BUT IT WAS SIGNIFICANTLY LESS).

My belief is that civilisation is inevitably going to fall, of its own weight, but this increasing percentage of sociopaths, and their disproportionate influence is speeding the fall. Just wishing the thing would go ahead and collapse, and get it over with, while at the same time doing what I can to prepare for the inevitable chaos that will inevitably result. And, trying to laugh, cause it sure beats the alternative! Jim
Hi Jim
Don't get me started about the French

Anyway I agree I think civilization as a whole will collapse in on itself. I believe that the moral decay not only in this country but around the world goes beyond any class lines, the moral decay is universally spread across national and economic borders.
I belive that as man evolves and advances he looses site of God and when that happens man looses the moral authority which God has over us. And when man has no authority to obey or follow he feels he can do anything he wants. In some cases that is good, ....creativity innovation. Unfortunately in most cases that is bad becuase man as a civilization feels it can also get away wiith anything it deems moral... depravity, rape, lies, theft etc...These things have always been around however now society tries to justify some acts as normal whereas before as a nation under God they would never be accepted.
They took God out of the school and we now have school shootings.
They force God out of the main stream and the mainstream fills the void with ....well I won't get into it here but you get the picture.
If you want a lasting nation bring back God, if you want a moral and caring nation bring back Jesus.
I am sorry I stepped way off base here but those are my humble thoughts
Smile it doesn't hurt!

Jesus said,"...all things are possible through God." Mk10:27
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