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Originally Posted by Netica View Post
Hi Ufo,

As best as I can measure the frequency at the output with no coil connected is all over the place.

Turning from low to high
It starts at 480 goes down to 200 up to 350 down to 270 all in the first less than quarter turn then the rest slowly goes up to 470.
The first circuit I made done the same thing and I built a whole new one with all new parts except the mosfets and resistors connected to the mosfets.
So I can't run it at 100 hertz

When connected to the coil the voltage goes up from 0 to 34.

The coil is .9mm diameter thats around 19AWG and is 6ohms
I think theres around 1200 turns

I don't know the type of the tubing I used however I also tried transformer material with the same dimming effect.

Hello Netica,

Number one- Your Coil is too small of center diameter. Too small for Radiant Energy Field to thrive over an overwhelming outer field from Hot. Have to widen the center to -at least- 30 mm.
Forgot to tell me the length of coil, but I imagine with 1200 T of 19 pretty long unless it "grows" in diameter.

Did You look at my last video?

It shows VERY CLEAR that Radiant Energy is located, exactly, at center of Coil.

.."I think theres around 1200 turns.."
You have to be "Sure" how many turns you have, That's TOO many turns....Too much Resistance..
Are You using an Inductor already made for this test?

Originally I gave the spec's of my original Coil Diameter...close to two inches core Internal Diameter...I also gave the amount of turns (120 X 3 Layers of 18 Gauge, that means a Total of 360 Turns) that is around one quarter of the Total turns "you think" your coil have... and I really do not understand , if You are "replicating" something, How come could you do it with so much difference between my spec's and "still" expect to render same results as mine??

The Output frequency is meant to be read WITH COIL ON...and , of course Diodes also...otherwise it will be crazy...
Once you have set up your diodes on...and you start oscillating without a LAMP or load at the other will result in overheating of your MOSFET's and the whole circuit.

.."I have tested the mosfets with a separate voltage to the gate to see how the coil energizes through the mosfets without the circuit.
And it was quite powerful magnetically much more than with the circuit.
And the neon flashes with each disconnect..."
You still have something wrong with oscillations going to Gates...It should do exactly the same thing by turning the Pot slowly...exactly the same thing as when you manually "disconnect it"...flash the neon and have lots of power (magnetically) on Coil...

Check on the Gates Biasing circuit with resistors to ground, I believe they are 47 K each one from gate to ground...It seems your circuit is NOT making a full disconnect of MOSFET's at T-Off...If you had a Scope you should be able to read that "Drop Off" what it looks should be "COMPLETELY" vertical down...otherwise it will not work out...
MOSFET's needs a resistor to ground from Gate, (N-Channels) that is what makes them turn off completely when 555 signal is High, as a spring in a Relay, otherwise they will "dim" voltage, or create a triangular wave...never Off completely. Now, if you are using the SAME MOSFET's I specified then the biasing resistor Gate-Ground is the same as mine...any other MOSFET's I have no idea which value resistor will turn them off completely.

I am trying to help you Netica, but if you "assume" your own spec's, then I have double work...dealing with the typical errors in your circuit, plus trying for you to stay also with the spec's I gave a long time will take Us a pretty long time that I do not really have...



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