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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Are there any references to this "Drake" or is this some anonymous person?

Or any other references anywhere to this being planned?

Almost all of the federal reps should be arrested - good idea and should have been done long time ago - I would love to know that this actually is happening but it seems too good to be true.
Hi Aaron
Back in the late 90s there was a lot of concern of Clinton declaring marshal lawif Y2K actually hit. There was also concern about him doing the same at the request of the UN.
There were several sherriff orginazations and several military orginizations who warned of such illegal presidential actions. It also explained what they shoudl do in that case.
If I remember correctly the conferences were titled "vampire slayer 2000" I have looked on line but see no refernce to it. I know I still have some of the documents from a meeting I attended regarding this. I will have to look around for it.
However if there is no other online refernce to it, it is either defunct or "cleaned up"
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