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I have got the time...

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Here is the direct link to our thread.
3 Battery Generating System

I do not mean to jump into the middle of your thread. I just wanted folks to know that what you are saying about those spikes from the motor is real, and it shows up on the scope and as increased voyage in batteries. It is not a fluff charge either, because I have pulled those batteries out of the system and run loads on them. They had both voltage AND amperage. I have seen it charge batteries from 0 to 12 volts in seconds. REAL voltage. It is amazing stuff when you see it happen.

Hey Turion,

I watched your video...and also your friend on same project.

Now, I get a vision of what you are talking about...and yes, I do understand it well what is going on there...

The Motor is a PM Brushed motor, as you have written in your posts...well, even another type..a Motor have "closed contacts" , meaning closed circuit, continuity at all times you connect it between potential...and those contacts lead to the Coils disposed inside...
Ok, what you have there is a Motor that when it is connected to the three batteries it acts like an Inductor...when NOT running, I, when the Positive from old battery is "Less Positive" or the same as "More Negative" than the Positive from the Source builds enough potential to develop a magnetic field inside the motor, strong enough that allows rotation...And, of course, the more loads you add to the Batteries at Source...the more "Negative" the Positive from used battery will this will create a heavier EM Field on Motor...accelerating it...
Now, Radiant will flow and charge the battery...remember Radiant-Cold runs opposite to Hot at the "More Negative" Positive of Hot will be Radiant Positive...and that is what charges your battery...

Actually the Old to be charged battery, works in this circuit like a Non Polarized Electrolytic Capacitor...and Your Motor is at Off (idling) as an Inductor Coil...till it starts running.

Remember there is either "Excess or Lack of electrons" what determines which one is "Positive" or "Negative"...all "relative" concepts my friend. There is always a "More positive than"...or "More Negative than..." in any electrical-electronic equation.."

Just something else I just remember...Your friends video adds a very heavy mechanical load on that motor...and then it gains power at charge up...this is completely logical...when He is loading the motor slows RPM's, therefore there is more "Time On " per Coil inside motor. so more time for Radiant to flow out...
This motor is running on Linear source...not pulsed...however the commutation inside makes it "pulse"...when rotating.

To convince yourself of what am talking about...set just a Diode between the Motor and the Old Battery positive terminal...blocking positive from Battery to motor, and allowing Negative to flow instead , but allowing incoming Radiant Positive from motor to battery...and let's see what happens.



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