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A bad feeling

Good morning everyone,
Aaron first brought this to our attention a few days ago.
But it is still in the news and just as disturbing

Obama Raises Eyebrows With Executive Order Revising Authority To Nationalize Resources For Defense | Fox News

There can be only one reason why Obama would sign this before an election... To make sure he stays in power.

Forcing someone to work without compensation is slavery. This violates so many points of the Constituion I don't know where to begin.
Why isn't the Supreme Court voicing an opinion over this.
This goes well beyond defnse and crosses over to a socialist take over...pretty soon we'll have the black panthers marching into libraries to burn white history order of Komrad Obama and Kommisar Holder

Smile it doesn't hurt!

Jesus said,"...all things are possible through God." Mk10:27

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