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Hi Ufo,

I fixed the mistake with the capacitor it's now 50v and polarized correctly. I rebuilt a new circuit to be sure.
I have tested it with a DC motor and it finally works.
I have measured the voltage at the gate and it goes from .06v to 11.3v.
I tried it on the coil, it goes but not with the magnetic power I thought it would. Not like if you connected it straight to the batteries.
I checked the frequency and found it wasn't what I expected, at the low end it it was a bit up and down, I found it mostly around 360 to 460 hertz. The old circuit did the same and was part of the reason I built another.

I connected the coil and the neon for a first test. And this is what I found.

The neon flashes a little at the low end then goes out.
As pot is turned up the neon first lights quite dim then as you turn it up it gets brighter. The circuit was stable for the first time so I could set it where I wanted and turn it on and off at any brightness.

I set it at a reasonable brightness to take some readings of power consumption of the coil.

Voltage was 3.35V
Amperage was 0.5A
That gives us 1.67 Watts.

The neon warmed up when it was on.
It is a 240volt neon rated at 24 watts.
Its hard to relate brightness but I would expect it to be a little brighter in normal use but still a pretty good result I thought.

Also the regulator was running at 38V and .015A thats another .57 Watts.
Still pretty good for 24 watt neon.

When a metal tubing core was placed inside the coil the brightness dropped by half.

Thats it for now.

edit: the neon I have been mentioning was actually a floro, sorry about the mix up.
edit: the voltage on this test will be inaccurate because I have found that my meter cant keep up with the frequency.

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