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There was election fraud here in Missouri just this past saturday at the delegate vote here in my county. Well over half the attendees were Paul supporters and we would have easily won it. The government officials running the show knew this, they polled us coming in the door which they are not suppose to do. The meeting was crazy right from the start as the sitting chairman (Eugene Dokes) told us all we could not film the event. The whole place went crazy with boo's. We tried to change the rules, which we are allowed to do, but they would have no part in it. Obviously they didnt want transparency about what was about to happen. The sitting chairman started running the show and appointed a head chairman that nobody wanted. The entire audience was literally chanting for chairman Brent Stafford to be head chair, but he elected someone else. We tried calling for a vote count, but by that time the unelected chairman was trying to take control of the meeting and nobody wanted him there, the whole place went nuts. They shut the meeting down and police kicked us out, there was a police chopper circling the building outside. I do believe fraud has been going on with these elections, but seeing it in person is something else. Its hard to describe it, you just had to be there. Im very proud of my fellow citizens for standing up for ourselves and not taking their crap. Here is some video from the event.

What Caused Missouri Republican Caucus Meltdown? | – St. Louis News & Weather from KTVI Television FOX2
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