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Originally Posted by Slider2732 View Post
But ahhh, you may say, where does the Wardenclyffe method fit in ? Well, ya know those strips that hang off the back of some peoples cars to earth them ?
Hi Mark
Its good to hear from you again!
There are only two theories I can think of about the power source and the "box"

Theory 1 The box was in fact a receiver and he a Wardenclyffe tower somewhere within range of the car.

Theory 2 the metal in the car or the antenna or both were actually the collector of radiant energy

In all accounts I have read about this car. It lists the wire, various resistors, and 12 tubes. No accounts have given any mention of condensors/capacitors, which he has said in the past is needed for such a collector. These are only the parts he BOUGHT but nowhere does it mention him bringing anything with him.

This leds to three more questions, did he bring capacitors with him? If so what size.
And finally what other parts did he bring with him?
These may very well be the key to understanding replicating this.
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