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Originally Posted by Netica View Post
Hi Ufo,

The motor test I have mentioned was as you thought with the coil and diodes.

I have now done what you suggested and connected the motor straight to the drain and positive in place of the coil.

Test #1 - I put the setting to full on and switched on the circuit. The motor speeds up then after a few seconds the speed drops off and it stops.

Test #2 - I put the setting on low and switched on the circuit. You can hear the motor coil vibrating but it doesn't move, as I turn it up the vibrations increase but motor doesn't move even up to full as the power to it from the mosfets drops off. This is doing it real slow more than a few seconds.

The power drops off in a few seconds whether on high or low, on low it doesn't get enough power to run unless I turn it up quick, If I do it within a few seconds it speeds up then it drops off.

I have the circuit as the diagram with the two 1K resistors on each side of the 250k pot. I have two 10n (103) or .01uf ceramic capacitors one from pin 5 to ground the other from pin 2 to ground.

The batteries are 7ah.
I tested before and after a charge with exact same results.


Hello Netica, your oscillator is not doing its job at all,

At least we have now a good Voltage Regulator working good...

This Oscillator is actually a controller for it should run motors perfectly , I mean brushed motors, not BLDC (Brushless DC),
So there is something wrong in your oscillator part. Your MOSFET's are OK.

Netica, do me a favor...

Make a diagram STRAIGHT from your own circuit, meaning, do not even look at mine or at any other diagrams...right from your real prototype, make it and post it we could see it openly and I could go over it like if I would be looking at your real set-up...

I guess that is the only way we could solve this matter from a distance or remotely...


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