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A 6 ft aerial off the back of the car, a receiving circuit, a brushless motor..hmmmm, i'm surprised Hobby King don't sell a scale version on 2.4GHz.
With Tesla's boat bringing R/C into being. It would be no surprise if this was a genuine historical event and genuine vehicle.

Let's replace airwave standard radio propagation and resultant losses, with a development of at least both the radio controlled methods and of the Wardenclyffe system. One area stumps thought however...where was the transmitter ?
By 1931, was Tesla not already a mid 70's years hotel patron ?

From: Nikola Tesla/Later years - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
"Tesla, in August 1917, first established principles regarding frequency and power level for the first primitive radar units".
Hmmm. Turn radar backwards to resemble 'pinging' (internet) and the dashboard receiver could lock to a found target, which of course would be on a specific resonant frequency. He could 'dial in' the transmitter at the remote location using radio principles, just as though the supplying transmitter were a radio station. The remote source would then use beam technologies to omit scattering and losses, instead directing energy only to the car.
In so doing, the car based receiver locks to the remote source and the energy is received as a concentrated powerful radio wave beam. Most of the technology would be at the remote location and enable the car system to be portable.
He would be using radio, a highly specialised implementation of radar, remote wireless energy and beam technology....4 areas of expertise and self invention.

I've always wondered about the line "We now have power" because Tesla pushed the rods into the box..completing a circuit, rather than them being a form of (microwave or at least higher end RF) antenna system.
An account from: Tesla's Electric Car
Has this "A heavy antenna approximately 1.8 meters long, came out of the converter. This antenna apparently had the same function as that on the Moray converter (see chapter on Radiant Energy). Furthermore, two thick rods protruded approximately 10cm from the converter housing."
Do we take it that the distance between the rods and the antenna are also fundamental to operation ? Setting that distance may have created a feedback resonant loop, similar to how a microphone squeels with the ramped up feedback next to a speaker.
By doing so, it can be imagined that only then is the power available to drive.

But ahhh, you may say, where does the Wardenclyffe method fit in ? Well, ya know those strips that hang off the back of some peoples cars to earth them ?

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