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As I understand it, having had this conversation with someone in the past few weeks, Tesla began with experiments of sending power through the ground from one place to another, and we have all heard the stories of him sticking a bulb on a pole into the ground and it would light up. He moved on to experiments with sending power through the air. The purpose of the tower he built that was later destroyed, was to do just that...send energy through the air to be picked up everywhere by receivers that converted those transmissions into power.

So....isn't it LIKELY that what Tesla had in his automobile was simply the motor, a special battery that could take power in AND put it out at the same time, and a receiver that converted broadcast power from another location into electricity to fill the battery and be used by the electric motor in his car? Which would mean that the power was broadcast to his car from another location. I was told once that there was a special large antenna on the car, but I have never been able to confirm that.

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