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Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post
I have not been trying to make-design a motor here...but just to demonstrate there is absolutely No "Single" Collapsing field Story teller any more...
There are "Collapsing Fields" on and off...where the cause for changing polarity an Inductor is due to the Radiant Opposite Field coming up...


I posted your quote and the following on our 3 Battery Generating System thread:
"If you caught what he is saying and what he is trying to demonstrate in his videos...That what we have called CEMF in motors is the response of the radiant to the EMF. We put a charge into a motor which is EMF. It creates the electromagnet and then collapses, and the radiant creates and sends an opposite polarity charge right back at us, which we have called CEMF.

And I believe with a standard DC brushed motor wired between two positives like we are doing, that this radiant pulse escapes the motor, hits the supply (primary) batteries, and charges them. And that is the spike we see on the scope that is higher than the battery voltage (or an over voltage spike)."
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