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Tesla Electric Car #2 - 01/09/98

Here is the link tturner posted and asked about. Go to the bottom of the page and you will see the 2 silly circuits I was referring to. If you actually believe either one of those circuits can do anything then explain how that can happen.

I had already said in my first post I believed Tesla did probably have the car running on some power we don't understand. I only said this wasn't the way. Because I said that circuit didn't do anything you accused me of having a negative bias. I have been on this forum for a few years now and spent many hours and some amount of money on projects because I DO believe in a different form of energy than what we were taught.

Now it's your turn. Show us these tubes that were supposed to produce their own power.

My self taught education began with a correspondence course from the old Lee DeForest School of Radio and TV. Do you know who Lee DeForest was? He invented the triode vacuum Tube.

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