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[QUOTE=citfta;184753]Ok, just for the record I do believe it is entirely possible and even likely that Tesla had a car that ran of some source of power we don't yet understand. ...........
The tube can not just create the higher voltage. That is why the British called them valves, because they controlled the voltage just like a valve can control a liquid..........
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Well citfta - don't you,
like me until a couple of years back,
and the rest of us who have come through the "school/college/uni" system,
just prove that the 'education experts' who gave themselves the right to decide what we should or should not learn and understand,
PROVE how we and our home planet Earth have all been shafted.

Some tubes WERE capable of generating electricity if used back-to-front in a circuit, but as soon as TPTB found this out they ensured that tube manufacturers complied with new 'improved' construction specifications for publicly available devices.

This is why today's 'valves', though maybe more reliable, do not, because they still cannot, perform as well as some tubes available 80 years ago.

Education is both a dumbing down via censorship, plus a mind closing through the requirement to gain grade passes in aspects which deliberately do not reveal the whole Truth about physically related fundamentals, this so that uncontrolled invention by genuine free thinkers can be suppressed.

I do not know what circuits are shown in other posts in this thread (I will look shortly) but citfta, I can assure you, you need to apply some positive mind-grid potential to self re-bias the presently negative cut-off which for so long has been limiting the throughput of your own mind.

I could tell you how it was done - but that would mean you don't work it out for yourself - and it is this aspect which is *most* important.
Moray generated this energy as well as Tesla. Maybe Moray was first ? Look at Moray's tubes - back-to-front !


PS Keeley circuit link - No
Wikipedia link - not mentioned. (No surprise there!)

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