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The only way to get free energy to the people is to give it away for free. You will never make it through the patent office, corrupt as it has become.

For those of you who have a design, and want to share it with people, and make sure it stays free, I suggest that you look up something called a "copyleft". (Check the wikipedia page for more info)

The basic idea is that a copyleft (as opposed to a copyright) is like a licensing agreement used for open source tech. It says something to the effect of "You can use this information, and these designs, and quote from my stuff, or you can improve and change it to make it better, but you have to quote the original material, and keep passing it along as it was passed to you."

Doing this retains some of the rights of the original creator, and forces every subsequent person who obtains it to sign a copyleft license, legally requiring them to pass the original and their modifications to the next person for free. This also prevents anyone from trying to steal or patent your invention or method in the name of capitalism and keep it from getting to market, or pricing it out of the grasp of the general public.

That's about the only way that I see it working anyway. Open source, free information, and worldwide collaboration for the good of us all. That's the whole point, right? FREE ENERGY HAS TO BE FREE!

My mag-lev rodin pulse generator/stator idea is the same thing. I'm keeping it open source, not patenting everything, and hoping that it will work out to be something easily replicated by everyone. Once I finally get the thing right, I'll write a set of diagrams, schematics, and publish full instructions on how to make it for everybody who wants one.

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