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Quote from from Email Traffic between L. Mannix and S Marks.
I would like to answer a few questions I have read on Stefan's web site..
I would like to mention Stefan and Freedom fuel and Bushwacker and Mica individually but
instead I will just make statements that can be relevant to whomever as needed.
First of all:
1 There are several parts of the power unit which have patents. Remember that the
power unit technology is owned by the UEC corporation and I have to be very careful
about not stepping on their toes. I am not afraid of them or anything like that. It is just that
they are the legitimate owners of the patents and most of the research ect. I would not like
to break my trust with them.

However, I can, and will give to all of you as much information as I can. I believe that I will
be able to give you enough information to begin research on your own. I just have to pass
it in front of my attorney first so I do not get myself into trouble, that's all.
2 I will in time give out a basic Hardware diagram which you may find helpful.
3 No, I will not publish a schematic diagram of the control circuit. It is proprietary
information owned and controlled by the UEC Corporation, so I won't go there.
4 I will tell you about my initial experiments and what Electron tube circuits I used to
control the frequencies that gave us our significant breakthroughs way back when.
5 Yes, Stefan I do intend to point you in the right direction. You deserve at least that
much for all of the good effort you have put forth for so long. And especially your
kindness to me.
6 About the Flame like Discharge. Yes it does cause RF burns. I was going to tell about
that, but I decided to wait and see how long it would take one of you to realize this on your
own. Bravo!
7 The patents are in several segments pertaining only to the control units not the
collector coil itself, so I will send you examples of the hardware diagrams. however, I do
not have access to a PC at all times so it will take some time for me to be able to scan
things and send them off, be patient please. Also I am not spending all my time sitting in
front of a PC reading and sending. I must travel to a public place in order to safely send
any information at all.
8 YES, toroidal transformers have some very weird factors.. Study the strange factors.
9 Your interest in the harmonic resonance is also stepping toward the right direction of
things. But then again it depends on your viewpoint about exactly what harmonic
resonance is and how it relates to mag fields and converting energy as does my power
10 We have done a great deal of experimentation with permanent magnets with some
very astounding results.
I could stop now and start over again with that subject alone. Has anyone ever read any of
the reports about our experiments with what was called, the Magnetic shadow casting
material? No it wasn't some kind of paint. But you would be fascinated with the amount of
renewable energy you can extract from a permanent magnet! We went through about ten
thousand dollars worth of Neodymium and Super Cobalt 404 magnetic material in our
experiments. I could write volumes of information about that stuff. Those experiments tie
in to our development of the power unit.
11 Yes, I agree, why does everybody assume that magnetic fields are so single
they are not . . .they can't be.
12 Who ever it was that said there might be possibly military applications for this
technology is a very wise man. We believe that is probably the primary government
interest followed by the ever popular oil industry trying to stop it.

13 I am sorry, they are not piezo stacks. However, they do look like it. And some of what
you said is not far off at all.
14 Both Freedomfuel and bushwacker have good and relevant points. (what are they?)
15 Yes there is inertia.

The TPU Topic goes on since when? 20 Years and no public Informations about it yet, not a breath of any Information that there are Units like that in the Public?

This is one Example from a few more what i know from, bigger Corporations, what rule the market dont care about single Peoples neither about Green Energy or the Enviroment, only when you have the Money to pay them for that, their main interest are her Sales and her own concern, like they got thaught in School.

I mainly think too, when you will start your own Business, do it by your own, and dont trust other Guys what runs a own Business beside yours. But even then i do not think, that this is a Warranty for a Device like that, even when its similar to Brady/Lutec, and just another Proof, that it (dont) reach the Market, for what Reasons ever.
Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.
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