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I was building with my hands yesterday, and worked well into the night. I get carried away with it sometimes.
That delay time, led to this video from you today. I was wondering how to introduce this to the russell thread -- and this is it. Thank you again old friend

Pier Ighina's Cosmic Energy Inventions - The Tesla / Reich / Keely of Italy - English Subtitles - YouTube

there are people who develop theories that are considered bizarre and delirious by official science one of these people is pier ighina.
"Since childhood, I had this attracting about magnetism, so I started studying the matter"
Studying the electromagnetism, until to announce, in the twenties, the discovery of the magnetic atom, that he defined the matter's glue
doesn't that sound like russell, anyone?

"Succeeding to isolate the positive and negative magnetic monopole, developing the rythm sun-earth theory"
"What is a magnetic monopole? He called it the matters glue. He said that the magnetic monopole was what kept the matter linked
He said that the magnetic monopole was used to generate or destroy all matter, depending what polarity was given to the matter, he could transform matter into energy and energy in to matter"

(After talking about his rain machine)
"tubes with aluminum dust connected with aluminum sheet, at the beginning tight then enlarged it was five meters high on a swivel plot"
picture of the "ray from space"

So the aluminum is the south, exhaling pole --repelling the water....

If you combine North and South -- you get.... 0 ....

And so, with that subtle attribute of aluminum articulated, being opposite of magnetite -- you get a thermite reaction. But what is happening to the that "subtle attribute" between the aluminum and magnetite? I think, It would experience the equivelant of a magnetic voidence, or a short circuit -- Walter russell also calls it a "pinch effect".

I add a disclaimer here -- this stuff is high temperatures, you are at your own liabillity for saftey. The government also doesn't really want you making thermite either. With that said, John milewski's process can be simplified by a single thermite assay. And it is awesome in its utter simplicity (because these matierals are EVERYWHERE)

Which means, if you apply the "Hold the iron slag at high heat for as long as your insulating matieral will hold for (keep it hot for a long time)" idea.....
Another fellow came up with this before me. Look at it here:

If you've seen the energy from the vacuum series -- this Slag stuff he is getting sounds a lot like john bedini's "Slag" from his process....

Pictures soon


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