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Love the work everyone!

Especially Duncan, T-1000 and Kajuncreations (hope I spelt that right!)

Here is my latest effort.

First read this text:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 11:40:06 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern

"Don Smith is presently in the hospital and is stable but in very poor condition. Before he went into surgery, the one that the odds were stacked against him that he would live through, he emailed me telling me what components to delete from his schematic to make the device work. He revealed to me that he added a few distractions to deter people who were discrediting him at every turn."

Sadly Donald Lee Smith passed away on 22nd November 2010 but managed to share enough info to get people interest in his work even though he could not tell the exact truth for fear of his and his families lives.

Here are the final working circuits.

Notice the Bridge has no negative connection. Avramenko plug anyone

Ignore and delete the other a and b schematics.

Capacitor ( 4 ) was missing on a)

The end of circuit b) was drawn incorrectly.

Please stand by for the 2012 re-illustrated schematics.

Lets make it our aim to turn these into working circuits with all components known.

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