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Originally Posted by buzz33saw View Post
this whole thread is about what plaques scientific research in every mode used.
i first realized it in the large research university setting. we NEED to put aside
our philosophical, metaphysical, and individual order to expedite
the scientific method of discovery...this field of free energy research is suffering from the same problem...things move TOO slowly because of people 's personal prejudice...once we realize we're all on the same team, we will begin to overlook these individual issues, and press forward with the real important research...modern science is terribly hampered with this erroneous attitude...when we are in the lab, are we not true scientists? that;s where it's really at, because that;s where it really happens.
Well said my friend. I think people (including me) start developing own agendas and biases to experience life in a predictable way, which is fine. But we do need to integrate and negotiate our differences to move fast, I agree with that too.
Best is to reveal why we do or say what we say and debate in a friendly manner.

At the same time, I am also concerned that things progress slowly if do not relax our definitions of ourselves and just give in to abundance and unity.
* Your best is good enough.
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