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Originally Posted by Farmhand View Post
Very usefull info Boguslaw, these are definately very similar setups. Resonant capacitor sounds good.

It looks to my untrained eye that to get these systems to really sing. We need to construct them close to what is needed for resonance. Then simply adjust the spark gap distance and tune the capacitor in the primary circuit. Some trial and error and plenty of hair to pull out should finish the process. Hows that sound ?

I'll take some note's from these posts of yours and compile a work file I think.
Also I should keep a book for recording and collating building and tuning data aswell.

I already have a coil 1mm wire x 3 inch diameter x 13 turns. Should the secondary and primary be bare copper ? Maybe. And should the secondary be wire 1 mm too ? Like same AWG wire . If 1mm is not thick enough what would be ?
always great info from you, youre saying you dont have an nst, what area do you live? hehe with what you know, you could wind your own

just checking out some of your vids, lots of work, until recently i didnt know you had vids, i agree with someone earlier, looks like Tesla's lab
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