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3 motors

Originally Posted by FRC View Post
I want to try a second 3 battery setup and have alternate runs between the two. The last run I did was the best so far. To me it seems that the bad battery that works best is one that will still take a charge but can not retain it for very long. I am also going to try a third motor and maybe even four, also try a different sized motor a long with the one I have been using. Maybe even a PC fan as one of them.

@ Turion, another possibility is running a second motor at the split negatives
at the the same time as the split positives is going. Or is this just a stupid
idea? Will try it to see what happens anyway.

Have not tried a second 3 battery setup yet. Did try three identical motors
this time. Adding extra motors is equivalent to placing a load on one motor,
output to load on bad battery 3 increases. This time the only load was a
12v halogen light. I was wrong before about RPM's, they decrease rather
than increase when motors are added. Although it seems that torque gets
better with extra motors, but I could be wrong. I also tried a different sized
motor and was amazed how fast it ran, though the two larger motors decreased in RPM's. This small motor was one I had attached a sort of a flywheel to with heavy (for its size) ceramic magnets on it hoping to make a type of Lockridge/Watson hybrid. Well I was amazed with the free spin time after disconnecting it. The original idea, a year ago, with this motor was to pulse it and have the free spin time continue while the magnets passed coils. Which brings up the notion of pulsing the motor with the basic three battery
setup . Even though things work okay in its present form, pulsing the motor
might serve to extend the runs longer.

Splitting both positive and negative
This did not work out as well as hoped. This arrangement only slowed down the motors. But applying load to one motor sped up the RPM's on the other motor. Power to the load on the battery also decreased, and it appeared that the good batteries were now being drained. So ended this experiment quickly.

Prior to all these runs, which only lasted about 20 minutes altogether, I had
topped up the batteries with a regular 2 amp charger and had depleted the
bad battery to about 1 volt. After a 2 hour rest battery number 1 was down
.17 of a volt, battery 2 was down .05 of a volt, and battery 3 had only increased to about 5 volts. I think the losses were due to the positive split/negative split combination.


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