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Thanks for pointing those out. I was aware of your thread on OU but had not been through to that page. I wonder what property it is of a particular dead battery that is helping create this special condition. If we can answer that I would then ask if there is a way to duplicate those characteristics with other components so that we could keep the 'special' dead battery characteristics all the time. Just thinking out loud ... a dead battery would have a particular resistance, capacitance, impedance .... inductance? what else? Maybe this has already been covered in your lab notes. Was their any other unusual conditions in the area of the batteries at that time OR the area the batteries were in? If I recall you said you moved from where the original experiment location. You know that saying in real estate? It's location, location, location... could that have something to do with this? I came across some special map a while back that I had never seen before. I have been trying to recall what type it was as it was not a magnetic field map but it was found that certain experiments would not work in many areas of the U.S. and only in a few areas did they work well. These experiments were what I would call quantum physics and may be related to ZPE, radiant energy or similar. The map was an actual government map but at the moment I can't recall what type it was. Memory sucks at my age sometimes. Rambling is another thing
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