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Just some ideas on this as I had tried this about a year ago. It was a few quick and dirty tests. At times it seemed to be working using 3 SLA's through a 12 volt auto wiper motor. But all 3 batteries were marginal pulls I had on hand. Two were better than the third. I was getting quite a lot of run time on the motor and some charging on the third battery. However at one point I decided to add a Bedini style SSG into the mix between 2 of the batteries. This did help out a lot and I felt it was close to being a self sustaining circuit. But at that time I was running it with a low power transistor not made for big 12 volt batteries. I've since changed it out to a higher power transistor for another project but as yet have not had the time to go back to trying it in this 3 battery circuit. I think sometimes if we can combine two 'almost' OU circuits or two different concepts that both have merit we might push things into the 'success' zone I don't want to confuse things Turion is doing here but it's just an idea if you happen to already have a Bedini SSG laying around.
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