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I tried before 1 26Ah 12V and 2x 4,5Ah SLA's.
The 26Ah has about 10,80V and seems has a sulfated or damaged Cell also.
The others smaller one sitting at about 10,70V and 11,70V. I had the same effect with a CD-Rom Drive Motor also.
I used for #1 26Ah, #2 4,5Ah at 11,70V and #3 the 4,5Ah at 10,70V. #3 did go up to 23V, and still did go down, and after few minutes the Motor did start running.
I did take it apart, because i would record it, but after that #3 did not go down again to less then 18V. It never works when someone's watching. At last i did see the Effect. I may blame it on #2 too, because it was weak in charge and i think it did not have enough Current in it anymore to push through both Batteries.

In doubt, when someone dont have a DC Motor by the Hand, take your cordless Drill, take the Accu out and connect 2 Wires to the Connectors inside.
Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.

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