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If you saw my post above, my friend had great results splitting the NEGATIVE, so you can split either, and possibly BOTH at the same time. It MIGHT just mess up how this thing works though, so I would advise getting a working system by splitting either the positive OR the negative, and then making changes. Otherwise you really don't KNOW what you have. I haven't tried splitting both, but that's why we're here; to try things and see what works. The more people that DO try this and get positive results, the better for ALL of us because it will encourage more people to give it a shot. It is so simple and inexpensive to build if you have the batteries and a brushed DC motor.

I appreciate all the efforts by all of you. When I brought this to four or so years ago, NOBODY got any good results. They didn't use lead acid batteries and were in such a rush to see what I had seen that the wanted the whole pie right now and wouldn't do short little test runs to see what was happening. SO no one believed me. I think they all thought I was a fraud.
This go round, many of YOU are seeing success, and all of my friends I have shared this with on the forum, who aren't even posting here, are seeing it too. So keep looking and lets figure this out.

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