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This could help here

From the Donald Smith thread:

Originally Posted by kenssurplus View Post
Several years ago on the EVGRAY forum there was a person who developed a Tesla Switch using capacitors instead of batteries which operated very well using the principle of capacitative induction, where as long as you could supply a steady potential to one side of the top capacitor, then there would be a usable potential induced in the capacitor dielectric and switched between bottom capacitors. I don't recall all the details very well, but I remember that hardly any input power was required.

Anyone here remember this from EVGRAY?
This three battery generating system (even in its present form) could work as a viable home power generating system. This would require enough batteries so that you would have multiple three battery setups. Adequate motors to charge generators to charge even more batteries. An automated battery swapper. The weakest part of it would be maintenance and replacement of the number 3 "bad batteries" One would cycle through a
number of 3 battery setups through a 24 hour period. Combined with solar it could be used during non light hours. In its present form it would still be very expensive to do. Improvements are needed to bring the total cost and size down for this to work. Lets hope we find them.

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