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I tried two identical motors this time. They seemed to work in sync, if I put
load on one the other slowed down to the exact same RPM's. Blew another tail light bulb. This time I tried a 220v stove element as load, it did warm up a bit but very slowly, then a 110v immersion heater from a hot water tank, it warmed a bit also. Then a 1500 watt inverter first with the immersion heater, but kept cutting out so then tried the 40 watt bulb again. Was the same story as the 75 watt inverter - had to have heavy load to run continuously.

The reason I tried the stove element was that I tried it in place of battery 3
to begin with, thinking that battery 3 is a resistive load but still is allowing current to pass through it. But it just took up the 24v in series and drained the batteries a bit.

Another interesting note was that I thought that I had completely drained
battery 3 from the last run, but when I checked it, it was back up over 12 volts again. So I drained it again before trying it this time.

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