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Originally Posted by mbrownn View Post

Yes, lead acid batteries have the ability to recover somewhat from short heavy load drains but only as much power can be drawn as is seen when the battery is drained at C20. While they might appear fully charged they should in fact not be. If the batteries are in fact keeping their charge, I am baffled

Does anyone agree, disagree or have another explanation?

Check out the section on the Bedini\ColeTesla Switch.
The idea has been put forth many times on this forum, that the way a battery charges is always from the active vacuum. No matter if the energy is hot or cold.
But the radiant\cold energy seems to have special effect on Lead Acid battery's.
Allowing them to absorb radiant charge much easier as they are conditioned to it.
There are many mysteries concerning the LAB.
Mr. Bedini said once that LAB have at least 7 different function within a circuit.
Impedence both high and low inductance, resistance, and capacitance and could be made to take advantage of all of those qualities.
And that batteries could also work using combinations of those qualities to enhance their own charging if the circuit was properly setup.
Mysteries are us! Here on this forum.
Great listening to you guys think.
Carry on.
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