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Originally Posted by Turion View Post

We have a couple different ideas for motors to use with this. The first is the modified DC motor of Dr. Lindemann's design. That is a rewound motor with two sets of brushes. One set provides the current to run the motor and the second collects the collapse of the coil and sends it back out.

The second would be a motor with something to collect the CEMF rather than send it into the windings to die.

But if you have a motor you want to try have at it. If there is a modification you want us to try, let me know what it is, and we'll try to make that happen.

Now, as to the current setup. What if, because of the fact that the motor is run between two positives, and because of the pulsing that I KNOW is affecting somehow the magnetic field of battery three, something is happening to either the supplied current, or the current that comes from the collapse of the coil? Just an idea.

Has this been tried on a "Brushless Motor" yet?

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