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Look at it this way. When you put two batteries in series through a load (like a light bulb) to a third battery that is discharged, the current moves like water to equalize between the higher and the lower. The light lights, and you get minimal loses of current (in the form of heat). It's like an old mill set up on a river. As the water flows past it turns the mill wheel and grinds the corn. The "work" the water does as it moves is free, just like the current moving from higher to lower through the motor is free.

Now in a motor, the voltage goes in and we know it would flow out the same way, (virtually) unused (except for heat losses), to be used somewhere else downstream. PLUS there is also the energy that is produced by the sudden collapse of the coil in the motor. This second (generated) current is sent into the windings of the motor to dissipate and die so that it doesn't fight against the incoming current.

Now Dr. Lindemann has talked about using a second set of brushes in a modified motor to collect that current and funnel it out of the motor Wouldn't a battery waiting to be charged provide an easier route for the flow of current than into windings that dead end and back up the flow? Once it is full, you charge a second battery that had been providing current for a while. Now you have two full batteries and your two initial batteries are now empty and ready to swap places. In all probability this is what they are doing. You also get the power of the work done by the motor pretty much for "free". In this case it is hooked to a generator which also produces power.

Of course, this is only a guess, but it is based on what I have seen and what I know about how motors work after messing with them for the last four years. There are others out there who know a heck of a lot more than I do about this. And even THIS explanation doesn't take into account what happens to that discharged battery when you hit it with those pulses from a DC motor, because whatever THAT is, it's also an addition. So maybe their off the shelf DC motor is "slightly modified" simply by adding a second set of brushes

This MAY be much simpler than what we imagine. We are seeing power from our setup, which is just as simple and possibly nearly the same. So get to work people! LOL

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