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The motor is absolutely essential to this setup. It pulses the power through from the 24 volts to the 12 volt. A load like a light bulb in place of the motor will also allow battery three to charge, but look what happens to batteries one and two when you use a load that does not pulse. Plus, in my opinion, the motor is acting as a generator, when its coil collapses, sending energy forward into the system.

George, take note of how long it takes batteries one and two to recover from that long a run. It could be quite a while, if they ever do. By the way, now that you have seen it run for an hour with a load (what kind of light bulb was it on your 75 watt inverter?) do you see that you've gotten more energy out of the system than your batteries have put in? Did they completely recover? We need folks like you to weigh in on whether this thing really works or not so that we can get some people building it and figure out how to replace battery three with something easier to replicate.
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