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Thanks nvisser

Thanks nvisser for the extra information. That is what I was beginning to think about what is going on here (well maybe not in the same way) the motor is an important component to what is happening here. Not just battery 3.

I just finished an over an hour run with the same battery 3. It still works, turns out I had a loose connection on battery 2. I burnt out a taillight bulb when I put to much load on the motor. This time I ran a 75 watt inverter with a light bulb. Also tried exact same motor as load and it worked. I could have run things longer but quit because I was too tired.

Just had another thought, The circuit and the software on the South African
device could be similar to Matthew Jones process, or if not maybe the software could be tweaked to work. Even though I do not Know that much about Matt's system, I know you have to program it.

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