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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi folks, I have a dead car battery, though it didn't work well because the plates, etc. are bulging the sides of the battery out.
I also have a 6 volt 4.5AH SLA that I knew was very dead and sulphated, so i used that as a third battery and used 24 volts, 2-12 volt 7Ah SLA for input.
Using a small 12 volt motor splitting the positives, it gradually started rotating while 6 volt battery is around 16 volts and if i put finger load on shaft it drops to around 10 volts.
Another thing, the motor periodically stops for awhile while 3rd battery voltage rises and then for no apparent reason, it will start rotating again.
And when i put a car tail light bulb on 3rd battery as load, the motor rotates much faster, though i do see the input batteries 1 and 2 dropping in voltage, though they do recover fairly well, not sure what to make of it so far.
peace love light
Thanks for trying a 6v for battery three. I was wondering if this would work
myself, but do not have a six volt battery on hand that I could try.

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